Custom Silicone Molds- We take Silicone Seriously

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One of the best manufacturers of custom silicon molds around the world is Newtop. The manufacturers provide one-stop, customized silicone product solutions. There is a range of capabilities that will efficiently help you to recognize ideas and help you to bring your products together. The silicone product design team is full of rich experience that will provide you with an efficient CAD digital model for construction services. Here is a list of silicone molds that will change your experience with custom silicone from Newtop.

Newtop has a wide range of rapid molding methods that provide a wide variety of optional advanced modeling. Among the most used product of silicone materials are silicone rubbers. Newtop provides you with the most considerable prices for custom silicone products. Silicone services cover the entire life cycle of custom silicone products. Newtop most considerable manufacturing scope includes mother and baby products, households’ products and best silicone kitchen utensils. Newtop accepts all kinds of custom production orders. Newtop understands that the basis of their manufacturing custom silicone molds capabilities is survival. Therefore, the company has adopted standards to manufacture custom silicone products that are healthy even for babies.

Mom and Baby

NEWTOP mom and baby silicone products include silicone breast pump, silicone nipple protectors, silicone pacifiers, silicone bibs, teethers and silicone baby toys. Newtop mom and baby are made from silicone rubber products that are safe for use.

Kitchen Utensils

The kitchen supplies include silicone ice cubes, silicone food bags, silicone insulation pads, gloves, silicone cake molds and grill brushes.


Silicone product housewares include silicone soap sinks, silicone toothbrushes, silicone massage brushes, silicone cup covers, silicone phone cases and silicone handcraft. The silicone rubber products from Newtop are manufactured by professionals and have met all the required standards. Silicone rubber manufacturer are known in providing customers with customized housewares.

Pet Utensils

The pet utensils include silicone dining portable dining bowls, silicone dog boots, pet foot washers, silicone pet teething sticks and toys. All the products from Silicone are custom Silicone made and are manufactured using silicone rubber products.

100% Food Grade Silicone

Food-grade Silicone is a safe elastomer material. The silicone rubber made material is suitable for the production of daily necessities with its advantages including:

  • Non-toxic odorless
  • Good light transmittance
  • High-temperature resistance.
  • Accept Customized Silicone Products

NEWTOP has been in existence for more than 15 years. They provide custom products made in China. They have a wide range of products, including silicone products with extruded silicone profiles. Regardless of the type of product you have, NEWTOP professional engineers work with the best in determining the best parts of the manufacturing method.

Customized Service Meet Your Requirements

NEWTOP can design your product regardless of component injection, molding technology and compression molding technology. Newtop put more specialization in producing large and small batches that use applications-specific compounds. As such, silicone products are developed uniquely with the formulations and core technology for manufacturing custom silicone products.

NEWTOP strongly focuses on the development of distributors to distribute its products worldwide.

NEWTOP designers and engineers

Our designers and engineers have abundant experience for you to meet the demands and products. Moreover, the NEWTOP team can also make prestige worldwide for their customized service. If you are looking for a high-class and outstanding manufacturer worldwide, NEWTOP should be your choice. Newtop has a team that works throughout and will get in touch with you to serve your needs. The team will formulate the most suitable solution to cater to your complex
needs and abstract ideas.



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  1. Que interessante esses utensílios de silicone, não conhecia todos e é importante mesmo se atentar ao material.

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