Look Versátil com Croped

Ola Fashionistas !!

I went to the cinema plus my boyfriend and friends, and I took the hook and took a few pictures of my look! The look is in military green colors with a light blue jeans with greenish footprint, with a super versatile white croped !!


The look is versatile and you can use the jacket in the same way and in many other ways too! the pants I bought in the store Alto Estima, and I left for $ 45.00 I always buy pants in this store, besides good and modern is cheap! The croped I bought at Riachuelo on promotion for $ 10.00 baratissimo, is not it? the white shoe is from Via Paula, and the jaquetinha I do not remember the price and nor where I bought, long ago I have, then …. I made this look like all the others with much affection, I hope you have liked! Paty’s Beijus 🙂




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